When it comes to casino games, it’s essential to understand the gambling lingo to read Terms and Conditions and understand the game rules. So we at YOJU collected all the common gaming terms into a beginner’s glossary to help you get familiarised with the casino games smoothly.

Here you’ll find as follows:

Common Casino Terms

Let’s consider main casino terms to start with the topic. You may meet them anywhere on the online casino gaming websites or forums, reading the casino customer’s reviews. So we’ll help you to understand these words.

  • Action — it’s a game session. Also, it means the total amount of money that a player puts into a game. One more definition — is the way the dealer informs the game participants about their turn.
  • Aggregate limit — it is the maximum payout the casino may give at the end of the round. If winnings exceed this limit, the payout is cut to the limit anyway.
  • Banker — it is one who plays against all the game’s participants.
  • Bankroll — is the amount of player’s money that can be used for betting.
  • Bonus — is a special casino offer that provides the customer with special conditions for some action. For example, a bonus for registration offers to create an account and get a set of free spins for it.
  • Cash bonus — an offer of additional funds to the deposit. One of the popular bonus varieties.
  • Cashback — is a bonus that return’s some percentage of bets to the player, meaning bringing some cash back.
  • Chips — it is the internal casino currency (primarily at the land-based gambling halls). The player exchanges cash into the chips of different values and uses them to place stakes.
  • Comp Points — they are special points that are crediting for some actions: for bets, or deposits, or tournament participation. These points are part of the loyalty program. When the player collects the required comp points amount, they can be exchanged for a bonus.
  • Dealer — is the casino staff, who is responsible for table games delivery.
  • Deposit — funds you use to play.
  • Deposit bonus — it is an offer that activates by funding the account. For example, + of % to the deposit or specific amounts of free spins.
  • High roller — is the player with a big bankroll and places the maximum bets during the session.
  • Hot table — is the game where winnings are frequently detected.
  • Live Dealer Games — is the section in an online gaming website where the games with the real dealer are broadcast.
  • No-deposit Bonus — is the casino offer for some activities that do not require the deposit.
  • Reload Bonus — it is the reward for the account replenishment.
  • Sticky Bonus — is the kind of offer that is joined to the player’s real money account.
  • Wagering Requirements — it is the conditions that should be met to play the bonus back and then cash out winnings.

Gambling Terms

There are also several things about gambling terms every player needs to know. This gambling jargon is commonly used to describe some actions, phenomenons and concepts linked to the gaming process.

  • All-In — it’s when the gambler bets with all of their money.
  • Bet — is the cash amount that a player puts on a specific outcome. When it comes to slot games, the bet is the cost of the payline or spin.
  • Betting Limit — is the parameter that shows the maximum allowed bet (you cannot place more than it).
  • Cap — it is the sum of all bets placed during the game.
  • Chase — the situation when the gambler continues to bet even after multiple losses in a row.
  • Edge — is some advantage against the player’s opponent.
  • Hand — is the set of cards that the player has after the deal.
  • Jackpot — the biggest cash prize triggered during the game.
  • Payout Percentage — it’s the statistical parameter that describes which part of the total bet can be returned to the player during the whole gaming period. For example, 96% means that the game will return 96 of 100$ in a long-term perspective.
  • Re-Bet — placing the bet of the same value as in the previous round.
  • Wager — the same as the bet. Also, this term can be used to describe the multiplier in wagering requirements. For example, the wager of x30 means that the player should bet the bonus amount of 30 times before the withdrawal.

Slot Machine Glossary

Slots are the most popular entertainment on all gambling sites. They are easy to play, and there are no hard rules to learn first. However, the game has its own terms that should be added to the casino terms dictionary. And here they are.

  • Bonus Game — is an additional game triggered by special symbols combination.
  • Buy-A-Pay — is a game that has different rewards for the max bet.
  • Carousel — is a list of pokies.
  • Credit (coin) — is the in-game currency, which is used to place a bet.
  • Hit — one of the betting terms that describes winning combination.
  • Max Bet — is the biggest stake allowed in the particular game.
  • Multi-line Game — is the game with multiple pay lines (5, 25, multi-ways, etc).
  • Multiplier — it is the feature that increases the combination’s outcome.
  • Pay Line — it is the line where the symbols appear and their sequence is considered as a winning combination.
  • Pay Table — it’s the informational table where all the slot’s features and potential winnings are described.
  • Progressive Jackpot — is the biggest prize in the slot’s network that is continually growing with every bet made during the game.
  • Reels — the columns on the screen, where symbols appear.
  • RNG — or Random Number Generator — is one of the slot machine terms. It is the mathematical function of the slot’s program that ensures the random combination appearance. This function works with no repeatable patterns. that’s why pokies are 100% game of chance.
  • Scatter Symbol — it is the picture that formes the combination when it appears 3, 4 or 5 times on the screen. The combo pays even when symbols are not on one pay line. In most cases, this combo triggers free spins.
  • Volatility — the ratio of winnings’ size to the frequency of their appearance.
  • Wild Symbol — it is the picture that can replace any missing symbol in the winning sequence.

Blackjack Glossary

Blackjack is the world-famous game that is in first place among casino card games. It is due to its simplicity and high chances to win some. Let’s take a closer look at blackjack terminology.

  • Blackjack — the name of the game and also the name of combination, when you have ace and jack of spades (21 points)
  • Bust — is the situation, when a player reaches 21 points in the hand
  • Cut — it is when the deck is split into two parts before the cards are dealt.
  • Discard Tray — it’s the special place on the table, where all the played and shown cards are collected.
  • Double Down — is when the gambler doubles their bet.
  • Draw — it is when a player gets a new card in their hand.
  • Early Surrender — it is when the game participant finishes the round by surrendering before hands are checked for blackjack.
  • Hard Hand — it’s when the player has no ace in their hand.
  • Insurance — is an additional bet on the situation when the dealer has no blackjack in their hand.
  • Natural — when 2 cards in the player’s hand are 21 points.
  • Soft Hand — it’s when the paler has an ace.
  • Upcard — it’s the first dealt card paled face up.

Video Poker Glossary

Video poker is the game between the slot and real poker. There is no live dealer, all hands are determined by RNG, and the entertainment has some additional conditions, that cannot be met in real casino poker. For example, here you’ll find bonuses, special cards and combinations that increase your winnings. Let’s take a look at poker jargon here.

  • Bonus Poker — is the kind of game where special conditions, bonuses and cards with additional features can be met.
  • Deuces Wild Poker — the game’s version, where all 2’s are wild (cam be considered ae any missing card in combination)
  • Double Bonus Poker — is the kind of game with additional payouts for high-value combinations.
  • Double Double Bonus Poker — is the game where the player may use a kicker to increase the returns.
  • Joker Poker — is the video poker with the Joker as the wild card.
  • Natural Royal — it’s the hand where you have a flush combination with no wild cards.
  • Wild Royal — it’s the hand where you have a flush combination with a wild card (it’s less valuable than a natural one).

Poker Glossary

When you’ve sharpened your skills playing video games, you may try your luck in real poker with the dealer and other participants. To make your experience smooth, here are some poker betting terms to learn.

  • Ante — it’s an initial smallest bet required to start the game.
  • Bad Beat — it’s the case when the participant has a normal-strong hand and loses.
  • Call — it is the minimum added stake to the pot for further play.
  • Community Cards — it is the set of cards face up and available to all the players at the table.
  • Flat Limit — it’s a bet limit for all players, meaning, all wagers should be of the same amount.
  • Freeroll — it is the poker competition with free entry.
  • High-Low — it’s the kind of game, where the prize pool is divided between the best and the weakest hands.
  • No-Limit Poker — it’s the game without a fixed max bet amount.
  • Pot — the total bet in a hand.
  • Raise — to increase the bet and place the stake that is more than the minimum required.
  • River — the final card that is dealt when playing stud or Hold’em.
  • Showdown — the round when all players show their cards.

Roulette Glossary

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games with multiple betting options and different strategies. There are the ball, the wheel and the betting field in the game. Many experienced gamblers state, that the game is perfect for mathematical calculations for bets and winnings. If you want to try it, please read the roulette terms first.

  • American Wheel — the roulette with 38 sections of black and red, two of which are zeroes.
  • Column Bet — a bet on 12 numbers in a column of betting field (with a multiplier of 2:1)
  • Corner Bet — a bet on 4 numbers (with a multiplier of 8:1)
  • Dozens Bet — a bet on any of 3 twelve-number groupings (with a multiplier of 2:1)
  • En Prison — it is the in-game option that ensures the player’s stake in case of zero (player loses only 0,5 of the bet)
  • European Wheel — the roulette of 36  red and black slots + 1 zero.
  • Inside Bet — any bet placed on a specific number inside the layout.
  • Outside Bet — bets on colour, even or odd, etc.
  • Street Bet — a bet on a specific set of three numbers (with a multiplier of 11:1).

Craps Glossary

Craps is a popular game also known as dice. Here are some craps terms to know before learning the game rules.

  • Any Craps — a single-round bet on 2, 3, or 12 showing on the next roll.
  • Any Seven — a single-round bet on 7 showing on the next roll.
  • Big 6 or Big 8 — bets on 6 or 8.
  • Boxman — is the dealer for craps.
  • Box Numbers — 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,10, also called Point Numbers.
  • Come Bet — a bet that wins on 7 or 11 and loses on rolls of 2, 3, or 12.
  • Come Out Roll — the first round in a game.
  • Crap — slang for 2, 3, and 12.
  • Don’t Come Bet — bet that wins on a show of 2 or 3, and loses on  7 or 11.
  • Don’t Pass Bet — a bet during the first roll that wins on 2 or 3 and loses on 7 or 11.
  • Hardway Bet — a bet on rolling pairs.
  • Inside —  5, 6, 8, and 9.
  • Line Bet — a stake on the pass line.
  • Little Joe — the sow of 4.
  • Outside — 4, 5, 9, and 10.
  • Pass Line —  a bat that wins when 7 or 11 shows on the first roll in the game and loses when the 2, 3, or 12 shows
  • Point — the box number established by the first roll in the game.
  • Snake Eyes — slang for a roll of 2.
  • Stickman —the dealer who calls the number and controls the dice.

Bingo Terms

Let’s have bingo betting terms explained.

  • Admission packet — the minimum number of cards one should have to start the game
  • All or Nothing — the card that paid if all or none of the drowning numbers are collected.
  • Bingo — the winning combination, when the row, column or diagonal of 5 numbers is collected.
  • Board — the display where drawn numbers are shown.
  • Book — a few bingo cards that one player may use during the bingo session.
  • Card — is the playfield of 5×5 squares with numbers that participate in a draw.
  • Face — synonym to the bingo card.
  • Four Corners — when numbers are found in all 4 corners of the card.
  • Free Space — the central square that doesn’t have its number.
  • Overdrawn — a hot number that appears the most frequently during the draw.
  • Overdue — a cold number that appears the less frequently during the draw.
  • Postage Stamp — a pattern of 2×2 grid in any of the four corners.